Working Out In The Weekend May Be As Good As Exercising Daily

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Jan 10, 2017 04:00 AM EST

The trend of working out only at the weekends may be more useful than what it seems. Lack of time often leads many to exercise in the weekend as an alternate daily workout routine however a recent study claims it might be the better choice!

According to Mail Online exercising only once or twice every week lowers the risk of premature death. Those who don't get time to workout during weekdays but keep their running shoes on during the weekend cut a considerable amount of risk (almost 30 percent) of dying untimely.

A new study observes that people who exercise regularly enhance the chance only by a measly 5 percent compared to those who sweat it out on the weekends. These findings are based on 63,000 British adults and is considered a ray of hope for many people of age 40,50 and 60.

Although the NHS and World Health Organization recommend that everyone should do at least 150 mins of moderate exercise or 75mins of extreme workout to keep the risk of an early death at bay, the people who are working out only on weekends may have a good chance of avoiding an untimely death.

According to a recent poll among British citizens, the target amount of exercise set by NHS is next to impossible for many people as 44 percent are not able to follow a regular exercise regime. This makes the experts find easier ways for the people to exercise and keep fit. Daily exercisers or even irregular exercisers lower the risk of having diseases like cancer by upto 41 percent and heart ailments by upto 21 percent compared to the ones who do not exercise at all.

As reported by Medical News Today, the US Department of Health and human services recommends at least two and half hours of moderate exercise on a weekly basis is required to control body weight, lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure.

The study published in JAMA Internal Medical Journal was carried by researchers at Loughborough University in collaboration with Harvard Medical school in the US and Sydney University in Australia. However the survey was done mostly among people who are white which casts doubts over the results considering it might not be the same in all races and ethnicity. Also the observational nature of the study hints that it might not be devoid of glitches and inaccuracies due to the self-reporting nature of the respondents.

Despite the authenticity of the claim, Exercising on weekends may be at par with working out daily and certainly better than not exercising at all.

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