Smoking Expenses Rise tT $1 Trillion, Death Rate Likely To Surpass 8 Million A Year: A New WHO/NCI Study Says

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Jan 10, 2017 04:03 AM EST

Smoking is draining a heavy share of the world economy annually and burning it to the smoke. The toll has now crossed the critical level of $ 1 trillion a year and with it, the death rate caused by smoking is likely to jump to a new sky-height figure of 8 million a year.

The World Health Organization in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute U.S.  conducted a study and the result they found is shockingly unpleasant. The rise in annual expenditure on smoking throughout the World is certainly a negative sign which should warn everyone.

The report in Reuters throws light on the end results of the study conducted by WHO and NCI. It has mentioned the annual increase in death rate caused by smoking from 6 million to the disturbing figure of 8 million. 8 million figure is no less than a heart-rending shock and the report has warned that major population of 8 million figure will include people from lower income countries.

Smoking is becoming more and more prevalent day after day in lower income countries and a huge portion of World population is thrown into the clutches of death annually because of smoking menace. There happen more deaths by smoking than by any other cause.

According to The Japan Times report, government policies are equally blamable for the dramatic rise in smoke costs and WHO, in this case, has reported that governments spent the very insignificant amount not more than $ 1 billion on campaigns and measures regarding tobacco control. This amount was spent over the time span from 2013 to 2014, WHO claims.

No doubt there have been policies like creating smoke-free zones, sharp warning displays, bans on the open marketing of tobacco but the government is being accused of taking partial measure instead of going hard on this issue.

Now that we are heading towards a hell-like situation we need serious reforms in government policies so that to end this rising menace.

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