Kardashian clan members, Kylie and Kendall, rejected in Golden Globes after-parties?

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Jan 10, 2017 09:40 AM EST

Kardashian sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner looked glamorous in the Golden Globe Awards night with their twinning hairstyles and matching gowns. However, amidst the glamor and beauty, the reality TV sisters were said to have been rejected in the Globes after parties.

The Kardashians did not star in any of the nominated movies nor their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, land in any significant place in the illustrious Golden Globes roster. Though they may have taken a lot of selfies but those were taken in the after party of their host network, E! Aside from that party, they got no invitation. So sad.

This report came out from Radar Online which said that that the reality TV princesses got a 'D-list treatment' and 'got rejected' in the major after parties in networks like Weinstein, HBO, Fox.

The source also hinted that Kendall may have been 'upset' again and regretted to have brought her younger sis in the event as it was previously reported that Kylie is not 'not fit' to hang out Kendall's supermodel crowd.

The rumor is immediately debunked by Gossip Cop who described the report as a 'tall tale' and that it is not true that the sisters were denied entry in the after parties.

At that night, the sisters grabbed media attention with their fashion statement with Kylie's shimmering silver floor-length gown by LaBourjoisie that boasts of a high slit and tube dress with an illusory neckline panel that emphasizes her ample cleavage. Kendall's copper strapless Paule Ka gown complemented Kylie's wardrobe with its super high slit and the top exposing her chest, Yahoo reported.

The lip kit entrepeneur posted a snap of their glamorous gowns on her Instagram wall with the caption 'sister date.'

Meanwhile, most after-parties were celebrated in the Beverly Hilton ballroom with an exclusive crowd of celebrities who were enjoying the camera-free night festivities. Despite being in high spirits, some celebs like Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle have to remain for the interviews as the film La La Land bagged lots of awards, according to Vanity Fair

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