The New Episodes of American Housewife: The Snowstorm and "The Art Show"

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Jan 11, 2017 03:16 AM EST

The American Housewife is one of the country's most watched TV show since it was aired last November 2016. The show will now air its 11th episode. The show is about the daily life of an ordinary housewife and mom who strives to stand out between the snobby homemakers and their privileged children in her hometown of Westport, Connecticut.

According to a report posted by Spoilers Daily, The eleventh episode of the sitcom is entitled the "Snowstorm". In this episode of American Housewife,they have two guest stars Leslie Bibb who will portray as Viv and Lidia Porto who will portray as Luz.

The highlight of this hilarious episode is when The Ottos are confined at home after a snowstorm knocks out power and blocks the roads. Greg grabs the opportunity to "rough it" at home with the children.While Katie, is resentful that she can't go on her projected girls weekend, finds herself making excuses to visit Viv, who is also stranded at home, but with a power generator, free-flowing champagne, and cookies.

Meanwhile, after watching this episode, the fans can't wait for the airing of the next episodes. Well, the viewers would have to wait at least two weeks before they can watch episode 12. In a report posted by Broadway World, the 12th episode of the sitcom has a title "The Art Show" and it will be aired on ABC channel on January 24.2017,

"Art Show" episode will tackle the scenario when Anna-Kat illustrates a super plus-sized picture of her mom Katie for the school art show, Katie went out to retrieve it by any means required. When Katie was gone, Doris is the one who takes care of Oliver and Taylor. She's resolute to beat them into shape with her Tiger Mom abilities, but she may have met her match.

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