These VR Shoes Will Make You Feel The Sensation Of Walking On Ice And Fire! [VIDEO]

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Jan 11, 2017 11:29 AM EST

With the advancement in science people are hands in gloves with technologies like Virtual Reality (VR). Using VR headsets with your mobile is no more a rare concept, however VR shoes promise a different experience altogether!

According to The Verge these shoes or rather sandals developed by a Japanese firm named Cerevo are capable of making people "feel" the virtually surface under their feet! They connect to the recommended VR setup, PC or mobile devices via Bluetooth or sub-GHz wireless.

The fundamentals of accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetism makesr 9 axis motion sensing possible for this shoe. During the demo, people walked on different surfaces like wood, metal and ice making them feel a different sensory experience each time.

Cerevo is a firm founded in the year 2007 having a manpower of around 100 employees. The shoes developed are called Taclim and will be commercially available by the second half of this year. Currently the prototype was demonstrated at the CES.

According to Wired, Cerevo has also developed a pair of gloves as handheld VR controllers and have only one sensor put inside them. They are comparatively simpler than the sandals which have three sensors installed in them. As per Cerevo, the gear has been created with a view to offer them with Google VR setup initially. The firm is hopeful of adding support for Oculus, Steam VR and PlayStation VR. Reportedly they have also created a SDK for the Unity game engine.

The shoes developed by the firm have one tactile device in the front portion, one in the back and the third on the top of the sandal near the toes. Both the shoes and the gloves come with Bluetooth 4.1 connection for tactile device detection.

"Taclim generates the sense of stepping on the ground in virtual spaces (desert, grassland, water etc.), brings you the sense of wearing shoes worn by the virtual character and brings a sense of touch," said Cerevo on its website.

The firm is confident of the tactile devices giving out proper sensations of the virtual surfaces. When the people wearing them will kick or touch something with their feet there will be proper feedback about the object being soft or hard in nature.

The firm is hoping that the sensations felt by the users will give them a much more real and exciting sense of the virtual world they are in. Reportedly the device is priced at $1000 and will be available by the second half of this year.

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