Know Your Lemons: The Truth behind the Viral Lemon Diagram that Identify Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Jan 17, 2017 05:46 AM EST

It’s just natural that a woman has the knowledge of identifying breast cancer symptoms through simply checking for lumps. That's it. But now, the Worldwide Breast Cancer organization's #KnowYourLemons campaign takes awareness to the next level and not just showcases lumps as the only symptom visible. The new interesting way to inform millions of women to understand symptoms better is simply substituting jugs for lemons.

As the widespread images of lemons dominate news feeds, Bustle explained that a designer from London, Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont was the one responsible for idealizing breasts as the citrus fruit. The reason for using lemons was to not violate Facebook and Instagram’s nudity regulations and rules.

Beaumont was identified to have started the awareness two years ago with starting the Worldwide Breast Cancer charity from her own savings. Her motivation to raise breast cancer awareness was her experience when both of her grandmother and a childhood friend died because of breast cancer.

In addition to that, News SJS reported that Beaumont also stated in her interview with BBC that "The World Health Organization has a goal to reduce deaths from cancer globally by 25% by the year 2025. And so, we think the #KnowYourLemons campaign could play a huge role in that by helping women around the world detect their symptoms at a time when it is more curable.

More so, Mashable stated that the 12 lemon diagrammed by Beaumont raises the facts more on what symptoms could look and feel like. Some symptoms identified on the diagram were growing veins, dimpling, hidden lumps, skin sores and the breast’s thick mass. Beaumont was poked to do this kind of diagram since she said that she couldn’t find any information sufficient enough to provide simpler answers. Hence, she did it in her own creative-enough-way to poke the interest of the readers.

Campaign’s censorship, fear of talking straightforward about breast and limited words were pointed by Beaumont as reasons why breast cancer awareness isn’t pointed out enough. Diagrams on the “Know Your Lemons” site also includes what to feel during a breast exam and when you should get a mammogram as well.

Raise awareness by sharing the images from Know Your Lemons, donate to its campaign and minimize the number affected by breast cancer as well.

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