How To Achieve Perfect Curvy ‘Bootylicious’ Butt Aside From Squats?

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Jan 31, 2017 01:22 PM EST

There are still tons of people that have flat buttocks. Well, like Kim Kardashian, many women still wants to have a fuller round bottoms. Some are now doing methods to grow their bums, yet they don’t succeed due to some circumstances.

Women could now fear not because here are some of the easy methods they could do to achieve the butt they’ve been dreaming of. Not only that, but this simple guide also does significant change in people's body in terms of fitness health and energy.

Put the Right Attire

According to New Health Advisor, a way to enhance a person's butt is also picking the right clothing for their body. It was advised that choosing the right jeans with back pockets could surge the focus on the behind. Another clothing that could do the magic are high waist jeans since it pulls the buttocks’ weight up to your waist. Dark jeans are identified to be avoided as well because aside from the butt, it also slims the entire body.

The Right Squat Method

Workouts cannot be an exemption to the achieve-a-big butt plan. Squats are still the foremost procedure upon doing butt exercise. But sadly, amid people doing squats, some still couldn’t achieve the bums they want.

Cosmopolitan identified that some of the mistakes that people accidentally do is believing those people who does squats every day. Everyday squats are said to be damaging and could break muscle fibers. Adding up weight and resistance is also advised for more progressive results.

Diet Plan: Foods Rich in Protein and Healthy Fats

Of course, exercise won’t work well with just working out. Boldsky reported that people should eat foods rich in protein and healthy fats. People should not confuse diet with eating less and just drinking water. Staying fit and healthy is a must, so people should consider eating foods to energize the body.

Some foods that people should include in their diet were identified to be avocados, whole-wheat grains, seafood, nuts and yoghurt. More or less the most effective food was mentioned to be protein bars since it includes a lot of protein squeezed in a bar.

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