Evening Or Morning, When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

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Jan 31, 2017 07:01 PM EST

Health and fitness experts are still in disagreement as to what is the best time to exercise. A number of fitness gurus suggest that having exercise in the morning is a great way to kickstart the day and helps the body to keep up for the busy day. Other health experts believe that exercising in the evening offers the same benefits as doing it during the early morning.

According to a recent study conduced by experts from Northwestern University, the body's muscles also work within a person's circadian clock. The circadian clock is the internal 24 hour timer that a person's body follow and that which regulates the functioning of the cells.

If the results of the study is true, this means that the body actually follows an exact time for optimal performance. Experts suggest that doing fitness activities during the night may actually be better than doing it first hour of the day.

The body's metabolism adapts better to a routine during the night, this has been revealed in a study. This is especially true during the winter season. As such, evening may just be the best time to exercise.

However, the study also suggests that establishing a routine is good for the body. With this, people tend to find it easier to establish a more consistent exercise routine at day time rather than during the evening. 

The body's internal clock should be a key factor in determining the best time to exercise. As such, to get the most of exercises it is also important to be consistent and stick with what the body is already accustomed with.

With the conflicting result of the study, the best time to exercise debate may not have been put to rest. But what is proven is that consistency and establishing an exercise routine is the key to having a healthy body.

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