'Frozen 2' Movie Spoilers, Release Date, News & Updates : Is Queen Elsa a Lesbian?

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Feb 12, 2017 05:16 AM EST

 'Frozen' has taken animated realm into a new height, and thus, the franchise is preparing to come back with another installment by 2018, with a twist. Idina Menzel, with her voice as Elsa and Kristen Bell, who has given life to Anna's character, is all set to make a comeback with "Frozen 2".

'Frozen' has set a milestone for all the Disney releases, for this time it was not a Prince Charming that had come to save the Princess. With a protagonist so strong, Elsa and Anna, Disney is preparing a sequel which might have some important issues to talk about It is being teased that Anna might have superpowers, because it was quite evident that her love was the only thing that could save the day, while Elsa might have a story of her own.Elsa might come back as a lesbian, and this would be done with caution, revealed.

According to Chris Buck who is the co-director of the movie 'Frozen', Elsa's character will have the priority, but in a different light. Previously, she had just discovered another side to her story where she need not hide from the world and stop the world from experiencing her power, at its best. She will have fun this time, in the second installment.Buck had added that since, the characters, like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf are a part of himself and the crew, including Jennifer Lee, who was also involved in co-directing the movie.

As per Movie Web, this time the film will delve much deeper into the social issues, that surrounds the world, for the two directors are aware of the fact that this movie has had influenced a lot of children into changing the way they perceive the world.

Thus, they will tackle few issues and make it appealing for the children and help with cope with the current scenario. The movie is set to release sometime in 2018, while the other ventures of the franchise, like the pre-Broadway show, will start in 2017.


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