Beauty Secrets: Surprising Milk Benefits for your Skin, Hair and Health

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Feb 06, 2017 08:24 AM EST

It’s all about beauty for some women. Yet, some of them couldn’t afford beauty products. Fortunately, women could use one of the obvious home ingredients, Milk in aiding their desired beauty results.

Milk is the best natural substitute for moisturizer products. That indeed proves true according to Dermatocare since it removes dead skin cells and oil-soluble impurities that cause oily and dry skin, milk. Yet as people know, there are many types of it. The publication then identified that yogurt should be used on oily skin. Milk cream on dry skin and lastly, natural milk for a combination of both.

As the previous statement points that milk is the best moisturizer, according to Gulf News, it could also be used in foot spas. Simply dipping it in warm water with milk and rubbing it with a pumice stone after would do the trick. It also lightens tans as well since it has high lactic acids crucial for skin lightening.

With that said, milk is also stated to soothe sun burns. The procedure includes applying full cream milk to soothe the affected area. It could also be used as an exfoliating scrub if mixed with honey. Also, as milk is good to be a moisturizer, it is also said to be an effective cleanser as well.

Speaking of beauty care, it is already given that it benefits women’s skin. But little do some know it also does the same for the hair too. Style Craze reported that milk is also the best natural conditioner as well. To make hair shine could also be achieved through its application. Not only that, milk is also said to treat dry and rough hair as well.

Moreover, as people know that milk has a great benefit to our health in terms of bones, it is also stated to be a good energy booster. Protein levels in our body could also be increased in drinking it. Not too obvious benefits of milk also include soothing sore throats, beating stress and hunger pangs.

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