Scarlett Johansson Opens Up On Payment Disparity In Hollywood

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Feb 16, 2017 01:03 PM EST

The world is unfair and it does not discriminate the A-listers with the commoners. Scarlett Johansson, in a very recent interview with Marie Claire, states that although she is being accredited as the highest-grossing actor, but she is surely not being paid accordingly.

The fact that the industry, the glamour ones especially, is sort of patriarchal is no longer a myth. Huge stars, which have had an impact on the world, have come up to protest against this particular issue. People like the cast of " Friends", the television series have gone on a sort of strike, so that they can all get equal payments, and even protests have emerged on various platforms as well. Thus, when Scarlett Johansson was asked about how well she has fared as being the highest-grossing actor, for obvious reasons, she exclaimed her disgust about a certain aspect of the industry, reported NDTV Movies..

With "Sing", "Captain America: Civil War" and a host of movies of such calibre down her bag, it is obvious for her to bring a total of about $1.2 billion at the global ticketing booth and thus, Forbes had declared her as the best. Now, ScarJo stated that the industry is 'fickle' and 'political'. She shed light on how people have been insipiring her to speak about the raging disparity when it comes to these wages and thus, she said that even the biggest of the names of the world faces such negligence, when it comes to getting paid equally.

Well said, dear Scarlett Johansson , for the world does need to change its ways. That being said, she is awaiting the release of movies like Rock That Body and even Ghost in the Shell. To top it all off, she will also reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff or who is known as the Black Widow, more famously, in "Avengers: Infinity War", in the year 2018.

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