Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Celebrates Valentine's Day In A Classic Way!

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Feb 17, 2017 06:53 AM EST

On 14th of February the world celebrates Valentine's Day and it is obvious that even the celebrities would join the bandwagon and share their love for their better half. Why should Kim Kardashian be any different? Kim gave the world, something to sit back and think about, for this Valentine's Day: a photo.

As per Forever Vogue, Kim Kardashian had shared a very sweet picture of herself and her beloved Kanye, on her social media with nothing but a simple message of greetings for the world. The thing is that, the part where she is sharing the message is not shocking, but how she has surfaced back up from all her tumultuous past experience, and is still the reigning queen. Kim had stopped posting anything at all, and this time, the paparazzi didn't have to wait for Kim to spill at least a drop of something for them to feed on.

On the other hand, the very private Yeezy is rumoured to having showered Kim with bundles of roses and of course jewellery. Although, the world must wait to get any confirmation about the gifts, of some sorts, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have immense love, for each other. Yeezy is preparing himself for the fashion week runway. This time it is his fifth season, coming up with new designs of clothing for his line, revealed ET Online.

Kim Kardashian had been busy helping sister Kylie Jenner out, with her pop up show, on Valentine's Day. Her snapchat stories are filled with videos which shows are daily routine and thus, although the love birds had to stay apart from one another, but rumours reveal that they are equally in love as the time they had gotten married. Since, West is busy with his show, and for obvious reasons, Kim Kardashian is being supportive and giving him all the time that is required to have the best show possible.

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