‘Clash of Clans’ 2017 News & Update: Supercell Bares All in Latest Q & A

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Feb 16, 2017 10:29 PM EST

"Clash of Clans," the massively popular game developed by Supercell, has stayed at the top of the online mobile gaming world by bringing timely updates to the game. In the latest Q&A launched by Supercell, the developer provided players an update on the current projects they are working on.

Will "Clash of Clans" Get a Clan Chest-Type Event Similar to "Clash Royale?"

According to Supercell, a Clan Chest type Event first introduced in "Clash Royale" is not yet on the horizon, the website All Clash reports. While the studio has talked about the possibility of running a similar Event for "Clash of Clans," Supercell stated that they are "totally focused on pumping out a super awesome update."

Long Term Plans for "Events"

Supercell implies that the Events in "Clash of Clans" will most likely be limited to single-troop or single spell Events at the moment. According to the game developer, they've had talks about creating more complex Events and troop combinations for the future Events.

Copy Option for Bases in "Clash of Clans" to be Introduced?

"Clash Royale" has an option to copy a deck either from clan-mates or opposing players. However, Supercell admitted that they have talked about providing a copy option for "Clash of Clans" in the past. If the studio provides a copy option, players can easily copy bases they fancy.

Heroes Regeneration Time to be Reduced?

In May 2016, Supercell has already reduced the regeneration time for the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen by a large amount and the game developer said they do not plan to reduce it further. However, "Clash of Clans" players, especially those having high-level heroes, seem to want to decrease the regeneration time more since the heroes' regeneration time depends on the level of the hero; meaning, the higher the level of one's heroes' the longer the regeneration time.

Supercell to Fine-Tune Match-Making Algorithm?

Lopsided Bases have always been an issue for "Clash of Clans" players. Lopsided Bases are those that doesn't have the balance between offense and defense. During Clan Wars, more often than not, a clan faces an opponent having high Town Hall levels that only have upgraded troops and lower level defenses.

It actually makes sense during a Clan Wars to have these Lopsided Bases as they give more attacking opportunities for a clan to take out the higher level bases. While the Lopsided Bases can easily be three-starred, the fact that they have two more attacks is a good trade in "Clash of Clans."

That said, Supercell admitted that there isn't much they can do about these Lopsided Bases since any changes the studio performs will affect the whole algorithm of the match-making process. However, the game developer promises to look into this and will try to make things better.

"Clash of Clans" is still available for download on iOS and Android. For more "Clash of Clans," visit our website!

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