NBA Trade Rumors 2017: Suns, Cavaliers, Wizards are 3 Teams to Watch Out For This Trade Deadline

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Feb 17, 2017 12:40 PM EST

The Feb. 23 trade deadline is just around the corner and teams are positioning themselves to make a splash in this year's trade season to improve their rosters. That said, the Suns, Cavaliers, and the Wizards are some of the teams to watch out for this trade deadline.

Phoenix Suns: Future Already Looks Bright, But Looks to Add a Star

According to HoopsHype, the Phoenix Suns has one of the most intriguing line-ups in the NBA: a good mix of young guns below 25 years of age and a bevy of reliable veterans. However, what they don't have is a bonafide NBA superstar.

While Eric Bledsoe remains the focal point of the offense, 20-year old Devin Booker is steadily becoming Phoenix's next big star. That said, the Suns are looking to add a star the traditional way, by prying away players with superstar status via trade.

According to Arizona Sports, if the Suns are not able to pick up a star, the team would probably just continue to rebuild and try to acquire future assets in exchange for their veterans. Look for the Suns to make a splash this trade season by dangling Eric Bledsoe and PJ Tucker as trade-baits.

Cleveland Cavaliers: What to Do With Derrick Williams?

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been looking for a playmaker ever since LeBron James proclaimed they needed one. In a previous report, ex-Golden State Warriors Andrew Bogut and Jose Calderon of the Los Angeles Lakers are seen as likely additions to shore up Cavs' bench.

Enter Derrick Williams (on a 10-day contract) and Kevin Love's recent injury. Williams, a former number 2 overall pick behind Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, has given the Cavaliers energy off the bench. notes the versatility of Derrick Williams on both offense and defense. According to the poll the website ran, fans voted for the Cavs to sign Williams for the rest of the season.

While LeBron James has nothing but phrase for Williams, the fact is that they still need a playmaker. Look for the Cavs to try and acquire point guards such as Lou Williams, Darren Collison, and Shelvin Mack.

Washington Wizards: Will They React with the Raptors' Acquisition of Serge Ibaka?

The Washington Wizards have been playing very well lately. Well enough that they seemingly can dislodge the Toronto Raptors at the number 2 spot in the Eastern Conference, or threaten the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That said, with Serge Ibaka being acquired by the Raptors and the recent injury to Kevin Love, the Washington Wizards are bound to make a move. If only to deny the Cavs some assets to replace Love or to provide more muscle in their roster, watch out for the Wizards to also make a splash on or before the Feb. 23 trade deadline.

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