"Moana 2" Release Date, Spoilers and Latest Update: Disney Officially Confirms The Sequel

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Feb 17, 2017 03:54 PM EST

Disney, probably, has made only a few movies which truly speak about women and about the struggle every individual might go through, the inner ones. For sure, there has been a dichotomy of desire and what is expected of people, but there has never been something so realistic, yet far from being so, at the same time, as it has been in 'Moana', the daring Disney princess. Thus, it was only given that after the huge success worldwide, people would be anticipating for the sequel of the same film, 'Moana 2.

Hold on to your horses, ladies and gentlemen, for there are big news regarding 'Moana 2'. Firstly, it is being said that 'Moana 2' will be a live-action movie. This refers to the fact that it will cease to being an animated movie, and will eventually be made with actors and people, like any other movie. Although, doubt remains as to how appealing visually it would be, for 'Moana', the animated version was beautiful in every true sense of the word, revealed Bustle.

The casting is a sore area for the Disney crew, because of the recent backlash it has gotten because of Mulan's casting. In Mulan, Disney was planning on getting Jennifer Lawrence to play the character, but, the audience was disagreeing. Because Moana is a culturally influenced story, it might take a little more time for the crew to reveal who might be portraying the character, but this somehow confirms that it will be a live-action movie. Secondly, the film might come out anytime in between 2018 or 2019, but either way, it will be an amazing movie and there is no doubt about that, reported Movie Pilot .

Here is to hoping that the movie as touching and as real as teh previous, animated one has been and here is to expecting a lot more grandeur and a meaningful movie, that is to touch the hearts.

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