Robert De Niro Challenges Claims Of Vaccine, Autism Connection

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Feb 20, 2017 10:10 AM EST

Hollywood always survives with star actors and one such actor is Robert De Niro. Recently, he has created attention by raising questions about vaccine safety.

Mail Online reported that the famous actor once again has supported the theory that there is a link between autism and vaccines. In an interview with famous journalist Sharyl Attkisson, Robert De Niro has asked several relevant questions. The actor has presented his opinion in the "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson".

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently assured the safety of the vaccine. CDC has even declared that no connection exists between vaccines and autism. But, Robert De Niro wants to know the source of the Autism.

He has clearly asked the source of autism in a child. He questions who has settled this fact and how. Robert De Niro even doesn't hesitate to question the science behind all the claims about the safety of the vaccines.

Very recently the 73-year-old actor supported the anti-vaccination film "Vaxxed" which depicted some serious issues about the vaccines. Last month the film was removed from a London Theatre after scientists raised some questions about the film. After this incident, Robert De Niro strongly believes that there must be a huge cover-up and conspiracy to hide the dangers of vaccines.

In the interview with Sharyl Attkisson, the Hollywood actor has mentioned that he is not against the vaccines. He mentions that his kids also have taken vaccines, but there is something wrong and he wants to address that thing. Fox News reported that Robert De Niro recently met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr and questioned about the safety of vaccinating children and pregnant women.

The actor even held a joint press conference with Robert F. Kennedy Jr in Washington, D.C. Robert De Niro also announced $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide him the safety proof of vaccines. The whole fact unveils an important fact that the Academy Award winner is now desperate to get answers to his queries.


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