Prince William, Kate Middleton News & Update: Duke Of Cambridge Denies Wife Of Public Display Of Affection Due To Royal Etiquette?

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Feb 22, 2017 08:03 AM EST

Prince William is now the center of discussion for his Royal etiquette. The Duke of Cambridge recently has refused to show his affection for Kate Middleton in public.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Prince William is not ready to show his affection for his wife in public places. So far the Duke of Cambridge showed his affection only once on their wedding day in 2011. He hugged Kate Middleton and kissed her in front of the crowd just outside the Buckingham palace.

The London Olympics in 2012 was another venue when Prince William and Kate Middleton cheered for the Team Britain in swimming finals. But that was not a strong depiction of affection from the Duke of Cambridge for his wife. For some people it is surprising and for others, it is the definition of Royal etiquette.

Fans and followers of the British Royal Family have already found that Prince William and Kate Middleton try to maintain a distance between them whenever they meet in public places. Now, this etiquette has already raised some concerns among the people. Some critics opine that the Duke of Cambridge and his wife are not ready to send a message of poor Royal etiquette.

On the contrary, others say that Prince William hates to show affection in public places. It is true that the British Royal family always maintains their highly disciplined lifestyle in public. The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton send the same reply to the Royal fans on special occasions as a part of the Royal etiquette.

From the very beginning, Prince William has tried to maintain a perfect body language in public. He is very professional with his work and behavior, even when he meets with Kate Middleton. However royal fans always wonder about this Royal etiquette.

They simply don't understand any specific reason behind Prince William's strict professionalism even while dealing with Kate Middleton. Common people take them as a married couple with true affection for each other. Interestingly, some critics don't hesitate to use the word stoic for the Duke of Cambridge.

Previously Prince William's behavior raised many questions. Last year He didn't wear the wedding ring that raises some serious concerns. Latinos Health previously reported that Kate Middleton also hides her feelings of marriage to the Duke of Cambridge.

Discussions will go on effortlessly about this topic. Even some people will raise questions about the marriage relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The truth is Royal fans have to keep their patience intact to get a proper answer in the coming days.


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