Riri Breaks Mainstream Choice Of Manicures By Applying the $15 Orly BB Cream In Grammy's

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Feb 22, 2017 08:20 AM EST

Every year, The Grammy's platform is adorned with world-renowned stars. The year 2017 was not a different one. Every single fan was waiting for the auspicious day to admire his or her idol's present looks. Other than the tension brewing among everyone regarding the award ceremony, the celebrities showed their taste in fashion. They came with a dashing appearance and won the hearts. But this year, Rihanna made an out of the box choice of going simple with her nails.

When it comes to bold and bright choices in the fashion world, the first name that pops in our mind is Rihanna. This multiple times Grammy winner has set the international platform for best music awards again into the fire when her fans found that she adored a $15 Beauty Balm (BB) cream on her nicely manicured long and square nails, reported E News.

Every single admirer was stunned to find that she took her appearance to the next level by adding a simple blemish balm in her manicure regimen. The world famous singer took a bold choice by opting for the Orly BB Cream to keep her nails simple and well-protected.

It seems that the decision was made not only to keep the hands simple but to keep them healthy by avoiding the harmful manicure chemicals the celebrities use all the time. The famous manicurist of the celebrities, Kimmie Kyees commented that Rihanna accentuated her healthy appearance via keeping the nails simple and plain, reported LifeStilz.

Orly BB crème is a low-key manicure item that smoothes the nails, hydrates them properly and keeps the profile bright. It is a straight message to those who got tired of weak nails from prolonged manicuring sessions. This formula tends to keep the nails healthy. The properly hydrated nails do not break. This manicure will last for at least seven days.

So girls! Go Riri this time!

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