'Nashville' Spoilers, News & Updates: Has The Time Arrived To End Connie Briton’s Character?

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Feb 22, 2017 08:33 AM EST

The 'Nashville' enthusiasts have faced an abruptness in the Thursday episode. With different angular turns in the episodes, Briton's character was seen to be at risk. In fact, the risk factor was quite serious to cause an end to the character!

Rayna James faced a spiral thrush twice that indicated her death. Both the time it was a sharp attack with the same hour. In fact, the second one has left her life to hang in a balance. There was a twist in spite of getting protection from the court.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Rayna was disheartened to find out that her stalker, Hockney out from jail and was about to hit her from close. With all the protection, Rayna wanted to spend some time alone and thought of moving to Highway 65 to listen to some music in the headphone. In the meantime, she got horrified to look at the fact that Hockney has burst into her office with a knife.

However, in spite of the fear of getting attacked by Hockey, both Rayna and Hockney now well known as Wayne started to have a familiar conversation about their disrupted childhood. The torturing father and their nightmare past. Within this conversation, Hockney commented the fact that, "I felt you had understood me better than anyone else." With this process, within the conversation, Wayne took hostage of Rayne. This was because he saw her dialing 911 from her phone.

Soon, Rayna's security and police station had taken the position, and Wayne had to surrender to remove his knife from the protagonist's throat. With this end, the viewers might have thought that she was safe. Over the phone, she conversed with Deacon stating that she was ok. Meanwhile, the police car which was bringing her back was hit by a truck, reported Entertainment.

The next glimpse is yet to be discovered, but the promo stated that a nurse identified the victim of the accident as Rayna James. More relevance was Scarlett, Deacon's niece calling out in panic. Thus even though the viewers are hoping for the best, they cannot wait to miss the next 'Nashville' episode.

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