David Cassidy, Diagnosed With Dementia At The Age of 66: ‘A Part of Me Always Knew This Was Coming’

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Feb 24, 2017 08:32 AM EST

American singer and actor David Cassidy has been diagnosed with dementia.The 66-year-old former teen idol revealed his condition on Monday, following his performances in California where he has not only forgotten the lyrics of his songs but also, he fell off the stage.

In an interview with People magazine, David Cassidy said: "I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming." His mother, the famous actress Evelyn Ward, was also diagnosed with dementia and the condition stayed until she died at the age of 89. David said that his only way to know whether his mom recognized him or not is when a single tear drops from his mother's eye every time he walks into the room. He also admitted that he fears to end up that way.

David Cassidy's revelation led to many long stories that are either irrelevant or without any sense. As reported by Daily Mail Online, there are times when the singer seemed confused, with speeches that were mixed with long pauses. "This is hard for me to say, very, very, difficult for me to say as much as I really do, do, do love it ... Hello Los Angeles, how are you baby?", he said as he obviously showed his struggle with dementia.

David Cassidy's struggle with dementia sent shockwaves to his fans from different parts of the world, especially knowing that at his age, he is still young to suffer from the condition. However, Dr, Douglas Scharre at Ohio State University said that this is not surprising at all. With a family history of dementia and Alzheimer's, people should start to becoming conscious of its risk. It is important to know the key symptoms of the condition and to monitor it as early as possible

Diagnosing it as soon as possible can help the person know the necessary treatment. Unfortunately, although dementia can be treated, it cannot be cured anymore. To know more about dementia, click here.

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