Back Pain May be a Sign that You Will Die Young; No Cure for It, New Study Reveals

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Feb 26, 2017 02:23 AM EST

As back pains aren’t considered as serious by some, experts advise that people shouldn’t just ignore those spiral pains. A new study had found out that people with back pains have high risks of early death.

According to Mail Online, as people shouldn’t ignore those severe back aches since studies have shown that it might be a warning of an early death. The study published in European Journal of Pain, University of Sydney researchers had assessed over 4,390 twins over the age of 70.

Furthermore, the study’s lead author, Dr. Paulo Ferreria said that study aims for those people that believe back pains aren’t life-threatening to be aware of its risks. He also said that back pains should be considered seriously as people need to address to have their back pains screened, especially the elderly.

Thus the study had results where people with back pain, have a 13 percent chance to likely die early. “Our study found that compared to those without spinal pain (back and neck), a person with spinal pain has a 13 percent higher chance of dying every year,” Ferreria explained.

With that said, as painkillers were considered by some to treat their back pains, it was then revealed that there was actually no effective drugs to treat it. Opioids and paracetamol drugs are also mentioned to be ineffective and might be dangerous for people. The treatment was then identified to be exercising and stretching only.

The Sun then noted that Back Pain affects 700 million people around the world and is the number one cause of disability. Lifting heavy objects and bending awkwardly is pointed to be one of the most common causes of the condition. It was also mentioned that cost expenditures of the British people for back pain made up roughly a fifth of U.K’s health expenditures.

Yet, amid success in finding the link between early death and spinal pain, researchers then cleared that the findings still needed further investigation. It was then mentioned that the reason for that link should be discovered as well.

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