Study Reveals Mysterious Connection Between Face And Name: Names Influence Personality And Achievements

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Mar 02, 2017 03:22 AM EST

A name of a person has much more impact on the person than most of us imagine. A recent study has proved that the first name of individual links to the physical appearance and social stereotypes of that person.

There is a mysterious connection between an individual's name and face. In a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, it is proved that there is a strong connection of a name with a person's face. The connection is related to the stereotypes attached to the culture of the person.

The Science Daily has reported the study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. A series of experiments was conducted by Yonat Zwebner, lead study author and a Ph.D candidate at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his research team. The participants of the experiment were asked to guess the name of the people shown in the photographs.

Nearly 40 percent of the participants accurately identified the names of the strangers. According to the researchers, the effect is due to culture specific. When the same experiment was conducted with computer only 64 percentage accuracy was found.

The Huffington Post has reported Dr. Yonat Zwebner's comment on the basis of the research. "We know how belonging to a specific gender can have a strong social structuring impact, but now we know that even our name, which is chosen for us by others and is not biological, can influence the way we look through our interactions with society," says Dr. Yonat Zwebner.

When the name has this much influence on an individual's appearance, then the names definitely have effects on an individual's several other things. With the research findings, it is giving an insight to the parents to name their newborn with better names. It is the human nature to respond to the expectations of others in the society which leads them to grow more like their own name. To Know more about how the human brain store memory read here : Study Finds Part Of Human Brain Where Memory Starts To Form


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