Why Do People Vape? Aside From Quitting Cigarettes, Other Shocking Reasons Behind E-Cigarette Usage Revealed Here

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Mar 06, 2017 02:05 AM EST

Someone who uses e-cigarettes had been branded as to be someone who just wants to be “cool.” Yet some vapers or e-cigarette users have other reasons behind their usage of the device. A new study had just analyzed and discovered the usual and unusual reasons on why do people use e-cigarettes.

According to Inverse, a study published in PLOS One had San Diego State University analyze 3 million tweets and conclude what are the most popular reason behind using e-cigarettes. The study had been done through tweets in 2012 and 2015.

The study then aided with Amazon’s Mechanical Turks used two keywords “e-cigarette,” “e-cigs,” “vape” and “vaping” to search for related tweets. It was then clarified that “I just saw someone vaping” tweets were excluded. The researchers then managed to categorize the tweets to low cost, flavor choices, safe to use, can use indoors, favorable odor, quitting combustible cigarettes and social image columns.

Furthermore, Men's Fitness said that the study found out that during 2012, 43% of the people had their reason to vape as their will to quit smoking combustibles. Combustibles in which are described to be cigarettes and other "analog" smoking tobacco products.

With that said, the second most popular reason is identified to be “social image” with 21 percent. Vaping indoors and available flavors have the same 14 percent. Meanwhile, perceived safety has 9 percent, lower cost with 3 percent and better smell with just 2 percent. Yet in 2015, the most popular reason came out to be the social image with 37 percent. The reason that has to quit combustibles had unexpectedly decreased.

Yet, study co-author and graduate student Eric Leas then stated that some of the reasons behind vaping appear to be misleading. “For example, vaping may be no less expensive than smoking combustibles, despite their naming that as a reason for vaping. Understanding how the public is potentially misinformed, rather than guessing, is a tremendous benefit for public health surveillance and practice,” he said.

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