Eczema Can Originate in the Children Through the Pre-Pregnancy Stress in Mothers

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Mar 06, 2017 06:00 AM EST

Women who are planning to embrace motherhood should avoid the pre-pregnancy stress. A new research reveals that the stress can cause eczema in the future child.

The Indian EXPRESS reported that women who bear severe stress before pregnancy can lead to the higher risk of eczema in their infants. A new study from the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit from the University of Southampton reveals this fact. This is the first study that links preconception stress to the risk of eczema in children.

To complete the study, researchers have interviewed 3,848 women who had experienced motherhood previously. The study unveils that eczema can originate when a baby is in the womb and can develop a serious skin problem in future times. The researchers assessed the stress level of the women recruited for this study before they were pregnant.

These women were asked about their daily life stress. The report of the psychological well-being was collected from a sub-group. The researchers collected eczema reports from the babies born into the survey.

Wiley Online Library reported through the popular journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy that all the babies belong to the age of six and twelve months. Dr. Sarah El-Heis, the lead researcher of the study, opines that maternal stress is responsible for the release of certain hormones. Now some of these hormones can increase the risk of eczema in babies.

Dr. Sarah El-Heis also reveals that their research survey found one in six women with extreme mental stress. This stress indicated a twenty percent of higher probability of developing atopic eczema in the babies with an age group of twelve months. The survey also explored that stress at the time of conception may lead to the risk of this skin disease in the offspring.

Past research studies tried to link the low maternal mood after the delivery with the risk of eczema in the child. This new research first time has uncovered the association between prenatal mood and eczema after assessing the preconception stress. More study is obviously necessary to assess more development about this fact.

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