Penis Size Does Matter! Scientists Explores an Association Between the Size and Orgasms

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Mar 13, 2017 07:45 AM EDT

A good number of men suffer from a common mental problem about the size of the penis. Scientists now claim the final answer of a good sex life. A normal sex life is a common desire for every individual, but sometimes people suffer from some frequent concerns about it. Some men think that size of the penis may have a great impact on their sex life. Conflicting reports also have surfaced several times.

Wiley Online Library reported through the Journal of Sexual Medicine that a penis with a larger size can provide women more vaginal orgasms. On the contrary, it is not necessary that the larger size will always give clitoral orgasms. That means size sometimes establishes an association with the sex life of a person.

Researchers explored the necessity of a longer penis. It is a real fact that physical fitness is the key character for proper physical intimacy. The researchers opine that women's orgasm at the time of penile-vaginal intercourse also depends on the men's physical fitness. Proper fitness is one of the key causes for better sex life.

For some women longer penis provides a better vaginal orgasm. The size also brings greater consistency during intercourse. So greater size brings more physical pleasure during the time of intimacy and marks a significantly happy sex life.

The Sun reported that longer penises bring proper climax for women during the intercourse. The research study points out that consistency in the vaginal orgasms is not related to the clitoral masturbation. In a word, the orgasms reach the climax point without any concurrent clitoral masturbation and uncover an essential aspect of sex life.

The researchers asked some women about the effects of a longer penis on their sex life. The women were asked about how often the women orgasmed. Frankly speaking, the researchers tried to explore the effect of the size of the male genital organ on the orgasms.

The research study finally made a conclusion that the longer size of a penis will provide better orgasm experience. The study makes one thing clear that women who like to have strong penile-vaginal stimulation need a better vaginal orgasm. This is an obvious fact the satisfactory physical intimacy is the ultimate requirement between a male and a female partner to enjoy their sex life.

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