Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega Suffered Hemorrhage After Brain Surgery, Situation Is Critical

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Mar 11, 2017 09:03 PM EST

Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega has been taken back to the operating room at the Santo Tomas Hospital in Panama City after suffering a brain hemorrhage from the first brain surgery. Doctors were successful in stopping the hemorrhage during the operation but the situation is still critical.

According to The Western Australian, Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega, 83, was admitted to the operating room to undergo the first procedure in removing the tumor in his brain after he was transferred from the prison to house arrest last January 29 to prepare him for a brain surgery, which was originally scheduled for last month. However, doctors found hemorrhages after the operation that made them repeat the procedure hours later.

Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega's lawyer Ezra Angel said that "Though the doctors stopped the hemorrhage, his condition is still critical after undergoing a second open brain surgery in less than eight hours." Angel also added that the former leader was taken to the intensive care unit and his condition has not improved nor it has worsened.

Brain tumors were detected months after his return to Panama in 2011 and were imprisoned for murders of his political opponents and his corruption in the government. He was confined to a wheelchair for having a vascular ailment.

Per Bio, during 1983, Manuel Noriega unified the armed forces into the Panamanian Defense forces. He then promoted himself to general and became a de facto leader of Panama. He ruled Panama with an iron first for several years.

In 1989 he canceled the presidential elections and attempted to rule through a puppet government. People raise against Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega with a coup against his government but failed. As an ally for four decades, the United States took an action against the regime and invade Panama in the same year. The US ousted Manuel Noriega into power.

The Panamanian Ex-Leader Noriega surrendered in January 1990. He was convicted to in absentia in crimes carried out in his rule. And after serving his 20 years in prison, the US sent him to France where he was sentenced to seven years for money laundering and extradited again from France to Panama to serve his serve his sentence in 2011.

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