Must Read: Benefits Of A Good Morning Sex

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Mar 14, 2017 10:18 AM EDT

Sex is good. It promotes a person's physical, emotional and psychological well-being. People who indulged in having sex in the morning makes them more productive and full of life through the day. In a research conducted by the Oregon State University, people/employees were happier at work whether they had sex in the morning or the night before. The researchers also reckoned that those who had morning sex before going to work are more productive compared to those who have not.

According to Cosmopolitan, morning sex has lots of physical and emotional benefits. It can make the body release more oxytocin, a cuddle hormone, which promotes positive moods. "Oxytocin makes you feel more connected with your partner and more loved," sex therapist, author, and media personality Emily Morse said. "Oxytocin also makes you feel connected with your partner and more loved and thus these warm feelings stay with you throughout the day."

Another research also shows that morning sex can boost the body's immune system. It is said that during this morning intimate affair, an antibody that protects against infections or IgA are released. Morning sex is better than any supplement available.

Aside from these, The Telegraph also mentions that men prefer morning sex than women since testosterone level is high in the morning. Horny hormones are building up overnight and as the next morning comes, he wakes up raring to go again.

Several testimonies from different people accounted in the article published by The Telegraph claiming that morning sex really makes them look positive through the whole day. One of the people said that she does not like morning sex but she loves how it makes her feel glowing and full of energy during the day. "If I have sex before work, I feel like everyone can tell. There is a spring in my step. Even if I did not wake up wanting sex, having it makes me feel empowered."

Sex is the greatest expression of love and intimacy. And with the benefits, aside from the physical satisfaction, nothing can replace its power.

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