‘Samsung Galaxy Note 8’ Latest Rumors, Release Date & Specs: Flagship Phablet Equipped with Exynos 8895

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Mar 15, 2017 06:25 AM EDT

After the disastrous launch of the "Samsung Galaxy Note 7," the South Korean Tech Giant tries to make a comeback by releasing its improved flagship phablet, the "Samsung Galaxy Note 8." While not much is known about the Note 8, Samsung will probably release the new smartphone before 2017 ends.

According to TechRadar, Samsung has stuck with a relatively predictable schedule when it comes to introducing the Galaxy Note Line. Previous Note series were introduced into the market between August and October, and fans of the phablet can expect that the "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" would be released within this time frame in 2017.

While the "Samsung Galaxy Note 7" seemed, at that time, destined for success, the flagship phablet would go down in the history of smartphones as one of its greatest failures. And for this reason alone, Samsung would go all out in developing a better Galaxy Note phone without the flaw of the previous flagship. In turn, fans of the Note Series can expect greater things from the upcoming "Samsung Galaxy Note 8."

The Galaxy Note Series has always been more powerful than the Galaxy S Series. Incidentally, Samsung is set to showcase the "Galaxy S8" and "Galaxy S8 Plus" in New York in the coming weeks, as per Christian Post. And with history on their side, the "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" launch would not be too far behind.

According to Droid Report, the new "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" would probably come in two variants. One variant would sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip while the other would have the Exynos 8895 SoC. The state of the art Exynos 8895 is lightyears ahead of its nearest competitor and it can support 4k video capture at 120 fps (frames per seconds).

Running with the mobile chip Exynos 8895, the "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" could finally be equipped with a Dual Image Signal Processor (ISP) camera. The Dual ISP camera is one of the most advanced imaging systems currently for mobile phones in existence.

The "Samsung Galaxy Note 7" was introduced in Blue Coral and the "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" would probably retain that beautiful theme and still would likely come in two other additional options: gold and silver. The "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" is also rumored to have an 8-millimeter frame, making it the thinnest phablet launched by Samsung.

The features of the new "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" suggested here are all but speculations at this point. However, given Samsung's history and the fact that South Korean tech giant would want to make it up to their supporters for the Note 7 failure, people can expect that the new "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" would live up to expectations.

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