Trump Administration's $54 Billion Budget Cut To Include Vaccine-Autism Link Study, Says Report

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Mar 15, 2017 06:32 AM EDT

Recalling U.S. President Donald Trump's statement, he affirmed his perspective about the assumption on the disputed link between vaccine and autism. Fortune previously reported about the president's eagerness to do further research though a foregoing study has already disclosed the issue of autism-vaccine link. Thus, the health sector is fussed about delayed research and insufficient funds. Also, those who support mass vaccination are anxious that their vaccine advocacy might lead to nothing rather than accelerating to a medical breakthrough.

In 2008, parents were ensured that the outcome of the autism-vaccine link study will not be drawn a veil over them, which was demanded by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee. This agenda has risen again when Trump Administration began.

According to Science Times, specialists expressed their ideas about Trump's policy. They said vaccine administration may be delayed, hence, children will be more vulnerable to certain diseases. Vaccines should be administered on time since small delay can aggravate risks. They probably look forward to a speedy vaccine-autism link investigation.

A further presumption may be problems with health insurance utilization imposed under Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which guarantees health coverage for preceding conditions. Sadly, health insurance can denote that autism is not covered by this law since it is disputedly subsequent but worsened by vaccines. What's more, Disabilities Education Act, a law which secures autistic children's education, will also be affected by the downside of the policy, according to Live Science.

In addition, New English Journal of Medicine made it clear that immune system degenerates due to multiple vaccines. Children, about a century ago, obtained one vaccine for smallpox, which carried about 200 structural and nonstructural viral proteins. Modern vaccines, on the other hand, are provided a total of 150 immunologic components to young children through 14 available shots.

The vaccine-autism link study is reportedly part of $54 billion budget cut of Trump administration. The number of children with autism has drastically increased over the past few years, which gave grounds for the government to support the research. As of now, there is 1 child with autism in every 150 children compare to every 2,000 way back 1970, according to the existing stats.

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