Drake, Lorde News & Update: Popular Rapper Is Ready With “New Life” While the Kiwi Songstress Releases “Melodrama”

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Mar 15, 2017 10:02 AM EDT

Some singers live forever with their melodious creations and Lorde and Drake belong to that genre. These two singers of the music industry are currently working to promote their albums.

Famous singer Lorde has already left the mark of her excellent works with some popular songs. She began to earn fame with the popular song "Royals". On the other hand, Drake became famous with one of the most popular songs the "Hotline bling". He is also a known face for his relationship with the popular actress Jennifer Lopez.

Artists always thrive for success and to achieve that they spend sufficient time. The same thing happens with the singer Lorde who recently announced her new album after a certain interval. Mail Online reported that last week the singer broke her four-year pause and released new album "Melodrama." Fans of the popular rapper Drake are also waiting for the release of the upcoming album "New Life."

It is obvious that when a singer earns accolades and kudos from millions of fans, then the next creation should be a unique one. Lorde is presently busy with her new album "Melodrama". Similarly, Drake is one of the best-selling artists of the music industry.

It is not a new fact that "Pure Heroine" is an excellent creation by the famous singer Lorde. But, her new album "Melodrama" may surpass the popularity of her previous album. The real name of Lorde is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. The real name of another famous singer Drake is Aubrey Drake Graham.

The important fact is both the singers are famous with their stage names. It seems that Drake is giving the finishing touch to his new album, "New Life" that may see the daylight in the next month. People reported that different reports are surfacing about Jennifer Lopez's new boyfriend after she breaks up with Drake. On the other hand, fans of Lorde are ready to cherish the songs of the new album "Melodrama".

Unique voice quality currently makes Lorde an icon of the music industry. Her approach towards the words of every song explores a new dimension in the world of music. With a large fan base in his social media accounts, Drake is constantly giving an update about his current creation.

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