More than a Timepiece: Apple Watch Hailed as the Best Smartwatch in the Market! Find Out Why!

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Mar 16, 2017 02:43 AM EDT

Apple Inc. launched a revolutionary technology 2 years ago: the Apple Watch. Two years later, the design of the Apple Watch is still the best smartwatch in the market. What makes the Apple Watch different from its competitors? It can predict if the user is about to have health problems.

According to Science Times, surveys and tests have proven that the Apple Watch remain the best smartwatch in the market. Although the Apple Watch was launched 2 years ago, it remains head and shoulders above its contemporaries such as the Huawei Watch 2, Samsung Gear 2, and LG G Watch R.

One likely reason why the Apple Watch is still being hailed as the best smartwatch in the market is because it can predict if the user is going to get sick. Add this to the fact that the Apple Watch is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, has good battery lifetime, reasonably priced, and has state-of-the-art functions, Apple Inc., has given consumers a smartwatch that is more than a regular timepiece.

Perhaps the best reason why the Apple Watch was hailed as the best smartwatch in the market is this: the Apple Watch has proven that it can save lives by monitoring the health of the user, and then predicting if that person is about to get sick. A report from Computer World reveals that the Apple Watch helped save the life of one Dennis Anselmo by detecting a "dangerous heart condition."

Users of the Apple Watch shouldn't be surprised that the smartwatch can identify heart problems. Apple Inc. has gone beyond the traditional research to build the world's most accurate wearable heart monitor, after all.

To the uninitiated, this may sound like a piece lifted from science fiction. But a precise heart rate sensor is already in the market and it can also detect other heart-related medical conditions such as diabetes. And that accurate and precise heart sensor is found within the Apple Watch.

2 years have gone since its release and the Apple Watch is still being hailed as the best smartwatch in the market. There's no indication that its competition would come closer anytime soon especially since Apple Inc., is continuously upping the ante with regards to the health monitoring functions of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch developers are collaborating with a team from UCSF Cardiology to develop an artificial intelligence (A.I.) that can accurately detect the warning signs of stroke. The tech improves upon previous studies concerning how mobile devices can accurately assess cardiovascular health.

If this feature is incorporated in the Apple Watch, who knows for how long the Apple Watch will stay as the best smartwatch in the market. Suffice to say that the competition has a lot of ground to cover for them to catch up, not mention, surpass, this revolutionary technology. After all the Apple Watch is more than just a regular timepiece. It's designed to save lives.

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