Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae Relationship Updates: Miss A Singer Not Yet Ready For A Wedding

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Mar 16, 2017 10:58 AM EDT

Reports came out that the "Legends of the Blue Sea" actor may be going for a mandatory military enlistment soon. This fueled the Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae wedding speculations online.

Tying the knot with Miss A singer is the best thing the 29-year-old actor can do before a 2-year military service. However, Suzy Bae seems not yet ready to commit for a settlement with Lee Min Ho.

The Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae wedding speculations became more intense after the "City Hunter" actor said that he is now mature, Celebeat reported. The Korean pop star shared that he's a fully pledge man and discerns what he wants in life. He also said that being a man comes with a duty of securing his loved ones, including the "Dream High" actress.

An insider revealed that Miss A singer was worried dating Lee Min Ho. It was also noted that even though Suzy Bae was open for a relationship, she is consistently perceptive of protecting her image. She as much as possible avoids a negative publicity.

"Suzy also cares for her family so much that she is always careful in her actions that may affect her family," the source revealed, as translated by Koreaboo. Suzy and Lee Min Ho never worked together so they didn’t have any mutual people in the industry."

The insider further revealed that when Lee Min Ho meets Suzy Bae, he maintained a good communication with her. This is the reason why the two South Korean stars became a most-talk couple.

The Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae relationship is official, but the 22-year-old actress is allegedly still not comfortable in letting their love story goes public. "Even during their dates, Suzy had a hard time not trying to get exposed to the public," the source added.

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