Drake Puts On Kanye West Mask: the Canadian Rapper Fuels the Speculation of Feud With the American Rapper

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Mar 16, 2017 12:27 PM EDT

Celebrity arena smells a feud between the popular rappers Kanye West and Drake when the latter wore a mask of the American singer. It creates an uproar among the fans.

Billboard reported that while attending a recent concert in Copenhagen, Denmark popular rapper Drake wore a Kanye West mask. Other different sources say that the mask was a simple paper cutout and not the previous mask of the Yeezy's Yeezus Tour. Competition or contest between these two celebrities is now a popular part of the discussion.

Different reports are surfacing about this mask incident. Some people say that a fan brought the mask at the Copenhagen concert and Drake just took that. He grabbed it as a part of the spontaneous onstage moment. On the other hand, some people opine that the Canadian rapper did this to troll the American rapper, Kanye West.

HIPHOPDX reported that Kanye West previously shared some not so good words about the Canadian singer. He commented that the music of Drake is overplayed, though later he denied it. Speculation is going on that the recent mask incident is the aftermath of the comments.

Last year in November Kanye West complained about the collaboration between Drake and DJ Khaled in the song "For Free". Though the Canadian singer did not comment then, but later in February 2017 he finally responded to the comments. The Canadian singer said in an interview with DJ Semtex that he did not at all respect the American singer's comments about his project.

Previously the two popular rappers announced that they were working together on a collaborative project, though later, both the celebrities became silent about it. The interesting fact is Drake dressed as Kanye West in the past. The Canadian singer did this in 2013 for Halloween.

It is a clear fact that Drake and Kanye West both are famous for their hit albums. They both belong to the same arena. Now fans want to see more melodious creations from both the stars.


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