Health News: Some Worst & Best Foods To Combat Allergies, Know More

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Mar 16, 2017 01:32 PM EDT

With the arrival of spring, many people suffer from allergies. In fact, some cases are so serious that people need to take medicines, injections, as well as eye, drops to deal with it. Even though the allergy-fighting antihistamines come in liquid form, but they also appear naturally as Vitamin C packed vegetables.

According to Emily Telfair, a naturopathic doctor in Baltimore Vegetables, as well as Omega 3 rich fish, form a part of anti- inflammatory diet that helps beat allergy symptoms. As per USA Today Dr. Telfair also added that just by making a few changes in the diet, people can combat allergies easily.

Apples, onions, and cabbages are the best options to fight allergies. These contain quercetin, that gives vegetables and fruits the reddish tint consuming these lends the body inflammation calming nutrients.

Vitamin C rich foods such as bell pepper, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts contain a natural antihistamine. Interestingly, all three contain more Vitamin C than oranges. Since citrus fruits upset the antihistamine, Telfair suggested options such as kale, cauliflower, and cabbage Huffington Post reported.

Fatty fishes are also best foods to combat allergen-induced inflammation through the Omega 3 fatty acids, Telfair mentioned. The fats get inside the cell membrane in body tissues stabilizing it. When the allergen arises, these cells would be able to help cut down the inflammation.

Nettles are another food that works as anti-allergens. These usually grow in the Springtime as weeds. These prickly plants can be used in soups, pasta or pesto and stabilize cells. Interestingly, these are also available as nettles tea, that doesn't taste good, but is effective.

Bread, dairy and alcohol increase allergies. People suffering from allergies need to limit the intake of whole grains but avoid dairy products. Quercetin needs to be avoided such as the red wine. This is because it can aggravate the histamine pathway. Moreover, alcohol adds unnecessary stress to the body that is already suffering from allergens in the air.

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