Have You Been Fantasizing To Have Sex in Space?

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Mar 16, 2017 01:39 PM EDT

The series Earth to Mars opens a Pandora's Box- the necessity of a serious discourse on sex in space. The possibility of sex in space is not some screenplay of an X-rated movie but a serious concern that is putting the most coherent intellectual minds to come together and evaluate. Of course, the entire discourse is not to delve on the pleasure aspect of it. The analysis categorically tries to understand the pros, cons, and possibilities of reproduction in space.

The discourse is a must as extending human reach from being limited to planet Earth to the Solar System has been a matter of open debate. The dream of building up a colony on Mars has been doing its rounds for many years now. The Earth on Mars series suggests sex in space as a topic will be the forerunner for the possibility of inhabiting Mars.

According to The Guardian, the act of sex to be conducted in a no gravity situation is posing quite a problematic for the scientists. Research reveals the effects of living in space for male astronauts boosts their capability to father one gender mainly female more than the other. Much research is needed to understand how space affects hormonal changes in women. Tests of reproduction of female mice in space have all met with tragic consequences.

With space explorations gaining more importance day by day the astronauts are spending longer time periods in International Space Station. The microgravity of space has a tendency to create a loss of muscle mass. Moreover, the subatomic particles that move super fast in space are foiled by earth's atmosphere to enter Earth. But in space, there is no obstruction, reported Five Thirty Eight.

The long-term radiation effect of the particles on human remains a matter of serious study!

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