Depression, Anxiety & PSTD Caused By Climate Change: Effect Of Climate On Mental Health

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Mar 16, 2017 08:47 PM EDT

The places and atmosphere that we live have a greater impact on our lives and our mental health. Depression, anxiety, and PSTD can be caused as a result of the atmosphere of the place.

Whenever a person goes through any calamity due to climatic changes it got a direct impact on their mental health which can cause depression, anxiety. CNN has reported how natural calamities like the flood can affect a person mentally.

"One of the major health effects of flooding seems to be the mental health aspects. There are a whole host of stressors around it," says James Rubin, a psychologist at Kings College London.

The natural shifts due to climate change may include droughts affecting agriculture, forced migration, sea level rises causing loss of land and heat waves. These types of shifts create unnecessary tensions which lead to anxiety, depression and other sorts of mental issues. The people who can't handle the changes may even end up in suicide.

According to NCBI, the global climatic change has much connection with the human mental health. With the increase of temperature, the aggression level in human behavior also increases. More than men, women happened to be more affected as the increased heat reduces the social capital. The reduction in the social capital badly affects the family wellbeing

An adequate amount of mental health services should be provided in order to help the people to overcome such traumas. The severity of such mental health issues depends on the loss which a person has to go through. Natural disasters, slow changes and loss of social capital are the three categories in which climatic changes affect a person's mental health.

Each small changes in climate have a stronger connection with the mental health of the people. With high temperatures, it is for a person to develop violent behavior and depression. Depression can also be caused by forced migration as it develops a feeling of loneliness and isolation. And stress is the overall result of all these changes. To know more about human personalities click here.


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