Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News & Update: the Upcoming Tablet May Bring Some Astounding Features

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Mar 17, 2017 07:18 AM EDT

Rumors are flooding the discussion of tech enthusiasts for a long time now with regard to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The Redmond-based company may produce the best tablet this time.

According to the Droid Report, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will get the latest AMD processor. Previous speculations reported that the successor of the Surface Pro 4 might be launched with the latest processor of Intel, Kaby Lake. But the latest news reveals that the most anticipated Microsoft tab will run with the AMD processor.

The rumor about the use of the AMD processor surfaces from a Robo-Lobster tweet. After the introduction of the Surface Pro 4, people are searching for a more advanced tablet from the house of Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may probably be the ultimate result of that thought. Producing thin tablets with a faster processor is the current trend, and the tech company is also paving that way.

Reports and speculations are also surfacing that the probable Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature the 4K display resolution. It is obvious that Microsoft will provide the latest update of Windows, i.e., Windows 10. The most anticipated, new and upcoming tablet will surely belong to the flagship devices of the American Technology company.

SmartStockNews reported that leaked patents explore the chance of a more advanced Surface Pen for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Tablet users assume that this time the tech company will introduce a rechargeable Surface Pen. The compatible device must have a port to recharge it. The new modification is an integral part of a new and unique invention and the upcoming Surface Pro tablet will probably bear that excellence.

The PC Advisor report reveals that a good number of people assumed the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 during the Mobile World Congress. But, the tech giant uttered not a single word about its upcoming new tablet. The interesting thing is the tech company will introduce a new update of the Windows 10 in April 2017. Now speculation is high that the upcoming Surface Pro tablet may see the daylight in the same month.

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Surface Pro tablet or the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The new one must be more advanced than the previous version. It is obvious that this time the tech company will bring something unique to survive the competition in the tech market.

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