Indian-American Teen Indrani Das Creates History

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Mar 17, 2017 02:27 PM EDT

A teenager of mere seventeen years old named Indrani Das has won the Topmost Science Award in Washington today. The award is worth a whopping 250,000 dollars. This award is the oldest and most prestigious award in the field of science and Mathematics competition in the United States of America.

According to Times of India, the award was presented to the Indian-American teen, Indrani Das, for her phenomenal research that she dedicatedly carried out. The topic of her research was the prevention of death of neurons due to different types of brain injuries or other neurodegenerative diseases.

Indrani Das, a resident of New Jersey and four other students of Indian origin, were among top ten finalists to be awarded at the annual "Regeneron Science Talent Search Awards Gala" for their phenomenal research projects that demonstrate their exceptional scientific and mathematical ability. Astrogliosis is a significant contributor to the death of the neurons. As per India Today, this particular condition occurs when cells named astrocytes react to some injuries by growing, dividing and finally reducing their uptake of glutamate which when in excess is extremely toxic to the neurons.

In a model that was set up in the laboratory, the Indian-American teen Indrani Das showed that the isolated exosomes from astrocytes transfected with micro RNA-124a contributed both to the improvement of the uptake of astrocyte and increased the survival of the neurons to a great extent.

Thus the research proved to be very beneficial one since with the help of this particular research the death of the neurons or the nerve cells can be prevented. The Indian-American teen, Indrani Das truly deserves the award for her phenomenal skills and talent at such a young age. Her exceptional research can prove to be an immense benefit in the future of medical science which in turn is bound to be beneficial for human beings.

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