Apple's Upcoming March Event Announces iMac 2017 Release Date, Specs, Hybrid OS, and VR Features

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Mar 19, 2017 02:51 AM EDT

With regards to the much-awaited iMac 2017, Apple Inc. hasn't collaborated the formal details of their next plans till now. But for the proposed Apple's event in March, it might show off its rumored VR feature and a hybrid operating system, particularly macOS and iOS.

In a report by TechCrunch, Nate Mitchell, head of RIFT and co-founder of Oculus, had already queried iMac 2017's VR capability. It is more likely to be filled in with an AMD Ryzen processor, which is an excellent choice for VR ready PC. However, Mitchell asserted that Apple did not build iMac for gaming and VR feature is not the tech company's first concern yet.

Meanwhile, according to Mac World, iMac 2017 might possibly have an integrated macOS and iOS operating system. Tim Cook, Apple Inc.'s CEO, expressed a few of his plans when asked about Mac desktop's future.

He emphasized the iMac's distinct capabilities (compare to other products like Macbook) which include upgrading its performance. Plus, it is also believed that Apple has restructured its software engineering department, indicating that there is no exclusive team for macOS anymore.

Thus, the engineers spend time on improving both macOS and iOS. Besides, Cook claimed that the desktop is still an essential part of the tech company's overall aims. And since iOS apps are becoming more advanced that those of macOS, it would be pragmatic if the two operating systems were combined.

Lastly, many speculations have already circulated on the internet about the possible iMac 2017 specs. PC Advisor said tech enthusiasts are expecting that the desktop will obtain Intel's latest chipset for processor enhancement.

Other rumored specs would be its 27-inch screen which will come along with a 5K resolution and a 32GB of RAM with a 2TB Fusion Drive. The presumed price of the device starts at $3,199.99, though Apple hasn't officially released a statement about its launched date up to now.

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