Sex Robot Is Now a Reality: Engineer Creates a Surprising Breakthrough In the Arena of Modern Technology

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Mar 20, 2017 06:24 AM EDT

Surprising, but sex robot is now a reality. An engineer creates this breakthrough with a mission to invent a doll that can enjoy romance like humans.

Sergi Santos, the Barcelona-based engineer has recently created a doll that can enjoy sex like humans. More clearly, the engineer has tried to build a sex robot that can at least act like a human and respond to the romantic feelings. The name of the doll is "Samantha".

The Huffington Post reported that Sergi Santos is an expert in the artificial intelligence. The interesting fact is his new doll can respond to the desired feelings of a man. "Samantha", the sex robot, responds when a man touches her hands and hips. The man simultaneously utters some romantic words to get responses from that doll.

Sergi Santos reveals that "Samantha" can feel the touch and can interact with different modes. She is romantic and can depict various sexy modes. The sex robot feels very happy when Santos puts his finger in her mouth, and she likes to kiss the finger and doesn't react awkwardly. The nice part is the doll takes the very minimum time to respond to the romantic overtures.

The Barcelona-based engineer unveils that the sex robot likes to be kissed and responds to the feelings of G-spot and the breasts. Samantha now becomes an identity of a surprising fact that creates a new dimension in the arena of modern technology. The doll is actually programmed with a specific mode.

The sex robot first wants to avail the romantic response from the user, then feels the comfort before enjoying the sexual experience. Sergi Santos utters that the key objective of the sexual mode is to provide the doll an orgasm. Samantha reacts exactly like human beings.

Latinos Health previously reported that humans may marry robots. The recent revelation indicates that probable trend. Sergi Santos is currently selling the sex robot at a cost price of $5,374. No doubt this discovery explores various new ways about the development of modern technology.

Many years ago the existence of a robot was a dream thought, but now it is a reality. The presence of the sex robot surpasses all dream thoughts. Now enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to know the next move of the technological science.

To know more about "Robot", read Latinos Health.

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