Marijuana News: The Haziness of The Cannabis Plant Keeps Researchers Wondering

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Mar 23, 2017 11:34 AM EDT

After the ban of Marijuana in 1930 a time which went down in history known as "Reefer Madness" now marijuana is again on the verge of becoming readily available in the United States. Ambiguity over the benefits and medical uses of marijuana remains at large. Strict rules on marijuana make it hard for researchers to procure the plant for research purposes.

Haziness about the plant, the strength and method of marijuana intake, how it can be reasonably regulated and the cons of marijuana use whether it has more effect on the certain group than others are gray areas much research needs to be done. The impact of marijuana use on different groups is the area where most of the unanswered questions lie, reported Business Insider.

Legalizing the cannabis plant will increase casual user's intake of it. How they react? Do they become chronic? -are questions that need serious assessment.

Making children use marijuana to understand the effect it leaves on them is obviously not a sensible way to go about it. A serious need of case study of adults who had started using marijuana as a child has to be conducted to assess the effect it will leave on a child.

There is a possibility of the cannabis plant treating quite a few conditions including chronic pain. The problem area is to realize the side effects of such marijuana intake.

According to Nature, uncertainty over these area reigns to a large extent. The bigger question is- is the older individual using the cannabis plant for recreational or medical purpose?

Till now no assessment suggest the use of marijuana to be safe for women during pregnancy. Whether there can be any way to use it for controlling nausea has to be researched upon.

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