Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Dating: What's The Real Score

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Apr 07, 2017 05:33 PM EDT

A picture doing rounds on Instagram clicked and posted by a user show Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx enjoying a casual meal with each other. The picture was a great find for the gossip world as rumors of the two stars dating each other have been going around for some time now.

Dating rumors involving Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx began in 2013 when Foxx was performing for a charity event, and Katie Holmes was seen in the same event dancing on the stage. The two have since then avoided being caught in the same frame, but the paparazzi spotted the two time and again at Holmes's 38th birthday celebration in Mexico in December 2016 and also on New Year's holiday in an exclusive members-only club in a New York hotel.

According to Mail Online, the reason Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is keeping the rumored relation so low profile is because of Katie's ex Tom Cruise. The divorce between Holmes and Cruise was not a pretty one where if sources are to be believed, Katie then had completely blindsided Cruise and filed for divorce. Jamie Foxx, on the other hand, had previously starred with Tom Cruise in "Collateral" in 2004 and shared a good bond with him. Therefore, going public with their relationship can earn the lovebirds the ire of Cruise, which is something they both will want to avoid.

The Sun also claims that Cruise and Katie's divorce settlement was a fast track affair where Holmes accepted a lot of clauses put up by Cruise. The clauses prohibit Katie from embarrassing or talking about her ex-husband. The iron-clad laws also prevent her from dating openly for five years after the divorce.

If the said clause of five years is true, then only the end of those five years will reveal whether there is any truth in the said affair between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

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