Nearly 600,000 Asthma Inhalers Recalled; Device Facing Potential Issue With Delivery System

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Apr 10, 2017 08:52 PM EDT

GlaxoSmithKline is recalling more than 590,000 albuterol inhalers due to a potential issue with the delivery system. The inhalers have been recalled from hospitals, pharmacies, retailers, and wholesalers in the United States. The devices being recalled are reportedly not delivering the right amount of dosage needed by patients.

We continue to investigate the issue in order to identify the root cause and implement appropriate corrective and preventative actions." GSK spokesman Juan Carlos Molina said. WebMD reports that patients whose inhalers do not receive symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

Reuters reveals that GlaxoSmithKline has received a huge number of product complaints regarding a bulging of the outside wrapper, which means that there is a leak in the propellant that delivers the medicine. The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a "Level 2" recall, which affects only the products in the United States. While there is no immediate threat to patients, the company is still asking them to return the inhalers they have purchased.

Molina reveals that GlaxoSmithKline is still manufacturing the inhalers. They do not expect a supply impact to Ventolin HFA 200D inhaler. CNN reports that when properly functioning, the metered-dose inhaler will release a fixed dose of medication in aerosol form. They deliver the dose into the body through the airways and lungs. Albuterol is responsible for opening the airways in the lungs to treat common conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

While this is not a patient-level recall, patients whose inhalers are among the affected lots can contact GlaxoSmithKline's customer service center at 1-888-825-5249. The inhalers being recalled were manufactured in GlaxoSmithKline's plant in Zebulon, North Carolina. Class 2 recall is issued when there is no immediate risk of death or other serious injuries linked to the product. This is being issued as a preventative measure.

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