Prince William's Leaked Ski Trip Picture Update: Kate Middleton Forbids Husband To Travel Alone

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Apr 12, 2017 04:58 AM EDT

 It seems that the leaked pictures of the Duke of Cambridge's wild party with unnamed girls have affected the Royal Family severely. The recent report reveals that Kate Middleton has prohibited the wild Prince from going out on such trips in future!

Kate Middleton has been considerate enough letting Prince William go on a ski trip without her. The boys' only trip was meant for Prince William and his friends only, and Kate then believed her hubby needed to spend some quality time with his friends. What Middleton was caught unaware of how that quality time will pan out. The recent pictures are doing their turn on the net show exactly how good time that the Duke of Cambridge was having in his all boys' ski trip with a horde of females, revealed The Mercury News.

According to Vanity Fair, the pictures of the trip show Prince William partaking in wild parties with many unidentified women, and the pictures are quite racy. If reports are to be believed, the leak of the pictures of the supposed boys' only skiing trip, left Kate Middleton fuming and embarrassed. She was livid at finding out what the Prince has been up to behind her back. The media also went on a drive suggesting Middleton has barred William from going out on any such boys' trip in the future; while some even went further to suggest that in this royal couple relation it is Middleton who wears the trousers.

With the leaked pictures anybody in their right mind can understand that Kate cannot possibly be happy about it. The aftermath though, of the reveal of these racy photos and what impact it will bring on the royal family is yet not known. For now, all reports on Kate Middleton's ground rules for Prince William are mere speculations. Like always after a gossip leaks from the British castles, the Royals currently, are staying mom on this one.

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