Brad Pitt Caught Red-handed Flirting With Beautiful Actress Sienna Miller

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Apr 12, 2017 05:30 PM EDT

Brad Pitt could be done with Brangelina for good as it is now all about "Brienna." The 53-year-old actor has recently gone through a pretty nasty divorce, but that seems to be no reason to assume that the star would be sulking around. The "Ocean's Eleven" star was caught flirting with Sienna Miller during a private dinner, and the pair seemed to hit it right off. Pitt and Miller were at a restaurant near Los Angeles Theater where "The Lost City of Z" hosted its premiere on the same night

According to Mail Online, the two were caught 'seriously flirting' with each other and sent the media's tongue waggling as the tabloid found a new nickname for the supposed romantic pair to be- #Brienna. Sienna is also part of Brad Pitt's new venture in his Plan B production company. The two visited the restaurant with a group of friends, but those present at the place gushed about the supposed chemistry between the two. They were enjoying each other's company and talked away throughout the night.

When they first started filming in 2015 under Plan B, Sienna Miller has refuted all claims of romance brewing between the two. She categorically stated that Pitt being the producer of the show was hardly present on the set. But then Pitt was married to Angelina Jolie; this time around the difference is Brad Pitt is single, and Miller is also not dating anybody at the time. The two beautiful single people seem to be hitting it off and there could be a possibility for a romance, revealed News.

None of the two stars confirmed the flirting rumors. After the much-publicized divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt went private, taking refuge in his Los Angeles art studio, concentrating on a healthier lifestyle and on his passion of sculpting. Being a private person, it's no surprise that he's not divulging anything about his possible new romance.

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