Katy Perry Sports A New Spiky, Platinum Pixie Look Following Breakup With Orlando Bloom

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Apr 12, 2017 05:24 PM EDT

It is official -- Katy Perry is a chameleon, and the Internet finds her new look adorable. The stylish diva has been playing with her look ever since she broke up with Orlando Bloom. From a platinum blonde look to a shoulder length bob and then a pixie with shaved sides, the singer is in no mood to be on the safe side and is experimenting with edgy looks.

Short platinum hair seems to be the new thing for the stars as both Zoe Kravitz and Kristen Stewart have opted for shorter hair styles in platinum color. Now, Katy Perry is also treading the same path with her very short almost cropped look.She unveiled her new hairstyle on Instagram in a true Katy Perry style.

A goofy video with face morphing filters was posted on Katy Perry's Instagram account to reveal her new look. The new short pixie platinum cut has been designed by celebrity stylist Chris McMillan, and in the video, Perry sported a mini- Mohawk look. The details of the new hair style were properly revealed by her shortly after that, by posting two pictures of her new boyish buzzed cut. The posts show off her new platinum look from underneath a black hoodie that she was wearing, revealed People.

According to Instyle, Katy Perry has always been a fashion diva experimenting with a lot of edgy looks. As far as her hairstyle is concerned, she has sported new cuts and styles but has always remained loyal to her rich, natural brown shade.

It was only in 2010 that she sported a blue wig, but cases of changing her hair color have been very frequent and almost nonexistent. The platinum hair color, therefore, was quite a drastic step for her, but the singer's uber-confidence and ultra glamor make her rock the look so easily.

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