Toyata Brings Back Supra Models With Its New 2019 Toyota Supra

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Apr 20, 2017 06:50 PM EDT

Toyota is known to be building cars that not only appeal to the mind but also to the heart. Toyota is all set to bring back one of its most emblematic models that are Supra in an attempt to recreate the ties with the performance of the past and once again attract the enthusiasts to the showroom.

The official name for the car has still not been decided for the newborn 2019 Toyota Supra, but it is more or less sure that the Supra moniker is about to relive once again.

In the recent times, the sports car segment is on the verge of declination on a global basis, and it is becoming tough for the manufacturers to invest money on the new entrants. This is the reason why Toyota has made a tie with Subaru to design the 86 and Supra will be sharing the same platform with BMW roadster which is being imagined as a future possibility for a replacement for the Z4. Therefore, the next launch of BMW and Supra would have the same underlying architecture, but the appearance will be completely different for both, reported Digital Trends.

According to Super Street Network, the metal sheet of a specific brand will be used to make sure that the Supra looks like a Toyota and the Z4 looks like a BMW and each of the companies will give its sports car an engine that would be developed in-house. The 2019 Toyota Supra will be getting a sleek and modern look. The front end will be possessing a long hood, headlights that are horizontal and a bumper with large air dams.

The 2019 Toyota Supra will come with a brand new V6 engine which will use a pair of turbochargers for the generation of 400 horsepower and a 300 pound-feet torque. When excess power is required one needs to go for the hybrid, and it is revealed that Supra's second powertrain will be a gasoline-electric hybrid which would be built around a turbocharged four-cylinder engine along with a powerful electric motor.

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