AMD Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7: Find Out Why Ryzen Models May Be The Best CPU

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Apr 24, 2017 11:42 AM EDT

AMD and Intel are the two longest-competitors on the CPU market since the late 1960s and until now, they are still on the racing track. The two computer chip masters are making the best they can do to impress PC users, Gamers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts.

According to Donklephant, the Ryzen versions copy the framework of the Intel chip ancestries in terms of both the name and performance modifications. Like, for example, the AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 compete with the Intel Core i5 and Core i3 respectively. Now, the AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel Core i7 are battling.

The latest AMD Ryzen 7 depends on a Zen microarchitecture which is assembled in a 14 nm FinFET process and an innovative AM4 socket. It is packed with 1800X processor and an octacore one, which can sustain 16 threads. The base clock is 3.6 GHZ, and users are able to expand it up to 4 GHZ.

On the other hand, the new Intel Core i7 functions on the Kaby Lake architecture. It also utilizes a 14 nm technology as well as rapid CPU speeds and elevated Turbo frequencies. This CPU has 7700K processor that runs at 4.2GHZ speed and it is a four core device with 8MB cache.

According to Phone Mantra, the leading asset of Ryzens is its overclockable capacity, which helps the device in attaining greater speeds. As for the price, AMD Ryzen7 processor cost Rs 40,798 / $630 on Amazon. On the other hand, the Intel Core i7 has a price tag of Rs 24,700 / $381.

The initial benchmark tests of the two processors revealed that Ryzen models were slightly slow performers as compared to Intel products. As a result, lots of people believe that Intel is superior to the AMD basing on that criterion. However, due to its overclockable power, AMD Ryzen 7 may become the possible choice over the Intel Core i7.

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