Stress, Mental Illness Not Only Temperamental Concerns Of Geniuses, Expert Says

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Apr 25, 2017 12:13 PM EDT

Dr. Rebecca Brachman, speaker and neuroscientist at TED, a nonprofit media organization, debunks the idea that stress and mental health issues are typical temperamental concerns of geniuses. 

Dr. Rebecca Brachman focuses her study on the connection between mental illness and stress and puts to rest the idea that mental illness indicates a genius brain. It was the Littleton shooting, that occurred during her sophomore year of high school that made her take the decision to be a neuroscientist as she believed that science needs much growth and research and will be a major area of study in a few years, revealed Global Advisors.

The challenge of "mental illness" as she confirms is from an overused definition which does not come with particular detail. Depression, she suggests can mean major depressive disorder as well as postpartum depression. Therefore, a homogeneous concept of depression will not suffice. Communication is one of the basic problems according to her as people do not actively pursue getting help in dealing with depression. Brachman clarifies that one in five people in the US suffers from depression, but hardly a few will talk openly about their experience with the psychotic disorder. Therefore, linking depression as a side effect of only a genius brain makes no sense to her as it is a common problem that many suffer from, reported Inc.

Running a business especially a new business will mean work pressure and somebody or other in the organization can fall victim to depression. Right therapist and medical checks are a must as often problems like thyroid disorders can cause mental depression as a side effect. She attributes depression to be the leading cause of disability worldwide and suggests that lifestyle interventions and good habits like exercise, healthy diet, good sleep, hygiene and social support are a must to get over depression.

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