Travel Hacks: Makeup & Skin Care Products That Will Save Space in Your Carry On

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Apr 10, 2019 11:30 AM EDT

When you are gearing up for vacation, the struggle to pack your carry on - specifically your makeup bag - is real. Chances are, there is just so much makeup you want to take with you, but not everything can fit.

There are fewer things worse than having to buy a last-minute replacement for your favourite makeup item that you forgot to pack - especially if you still managed to bring all the other products that you don't need and won't use.

Next time you are getting ready to go away, consider investing in some makeup sets and items that will actually be economical when packing.  For example, IT Cosmetics makes incredible products like brush sets complete with travel-sized cases that are perfect for travelling.

These are the skin care and makeup products that will save space and make packing for your next vacation a whole lot easier:

Brush Set: IT COSMETICS' Heavenly Luxe On The Go! Limited-Edition

It can be hard to organize all your brushes, which is why the IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe On The Go! Set is so useful when you're on the go.

The set makes everything easy for you. It comes with a travel-sized case that allows you to store all the brushes you need. This specific collection includes a total of six Heavenly Luxe face and eye brushes.

Mini-Stick Set: TRESTIQUE Summer Glow Set

Why pack full-size makeup products when you're only going to be away for a few days? The TRESTIQUE

Summer Glow Set includes a mini lip crayon, bronzer, highlighter and blush - all in stick form! This makes for quick and easy application and takes up minimal room in your makeup case.

The best thing about this set is that these mini-items all fit comfortably into a small case that you can put inside your makeup case. This also helps to keep things organized in your makeup case or carry on, making this set a win-win all around.

Dual Sided Makeup Stick: BY TERRY Glow-Expert Duo Stick

There are a lot of things to love about a duo stick. Dual-sided makeup sticks save money, time and space. Next time you are packing a makeup travel bag, instead of packing a bronzer, highlighter and blush, opt for the BY TERRY Glow-Expert Duo Stick - it's all of these makeup products in one piece!

The two-tone hybrid stick is the perfect contouring solution. It's a space saver and is super easy to use - it just glides on, making for maximum efficiency all around.

Travel Sized Multivitamin Solutions: SUNDAY RILEY's Multivitamins Kit

You still need your vitamins on vacation! This Sunday Riley set is comprised of a travel-friendly C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum (8 ml) and Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

These items will help keep your skin moisturized while you're away and help give you that vacation glow. Plus, they are smaller products that won't take up too much space in your carry on.

SUNDAY RILEY's set of these two products will help you reduce fine lines and even your skin's texture and tone while you're away. After all, if you are soaking up a lot of sun, that's that much more of a reason to have these kinds of skin care products on hand.

When you are travelling, it's important to pack economical, multi-purpose makeup products that take up minimal space and won't be heavy to carry.

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